Meg Dillon

5 months ago

Well, it’s certainly been a year to remember for student marketers. From GDPR and the uncertainty over Brexit to the escalation of unconditional offers, there’s been plenty of hurdles and challenges to overcome. So, with 2019 just around the corner, which will no doubt bring with it many more challenges and opportunities, we’ve brought together our most popular resources from 2018 that will help you stay on top in the new year.

The psychology behind brand recall

Why is brand recall so important and how can you improve it for your institution? You’ll find the answers in our Student Marketer’s Guide to Brand. In this whitepaper, our Natives Global Consulting team look at three factors that academic studies have shown impact brand recall: association, repetition and stand-out. If you want to understand and get to grips with the psychology behind brand recall and how this can impact your marketing efforts, make sure you download this guide.

The Online Study Survey

In an ever-increasing online world, it’s unsurprising that the online education provision is growing. Students do almost everything online, from shopping and dating to social networking – but how do they feel about studying online? The Online Study Survey offers higher education providers vital market and audience intelligence on which to base strategic decisions about the provision of online learning. Be the first to get your hands on the findings by pre-registering for the full report here.

The secrets to a successful open day

It’s no secret that student marketers face some tough competition. Particularly during open day season where universities across the country all hold open days at the same time. So how will you make sure your university stands out? How will you engage and nurture prospective students through their open day journey? And ultimately – how will you get bums on seats? For 2019, make sure you’re way ahead of the competition with our Student Marketer’s Guide to A Successful Open Day.

How can universities smash their Clearing campaigns?

With a continuous shift in the way students apply to university, it’s more important than ever before for institutions to bring their A-game in time for A-level Results Day. Grab valuable insights into the current Clearing landscape to help structure your marketing strategy, understand the types of advertising that works and get to know the best ways to convert students throughout their Clearing journey in our smash hit guide to Clearing.

And talking of Clearing, have you got your hands on the National Clearing Survey yet?…

The National Clearing Survey

Essential reading for every student marketer, the National Clearing Survey was created way back in 2014 in order to better understand the Clearing process and journey from the point of view of students. Every year the Research Team at Natives Global Consulting conduct thousands of qualitative interviews and analyse over 250,000 data points, making the survey truly representative and the most comprehensive and independent report of its kind. Get your hands on the latest report, and pre-register for the 2018 edition here.

Nurturing your long-term leads

From initial enquiry, all the way through to enrolment, how do you nurture and convert prospective students with long lead times? Luckily for you, we’ve created this essential guide that shares our seven-stage process for nurturing long-term leads and outlines the ultimate conversion strategy. From gaining insights into student behaviours and personas to the importance of lead scoring and touchpoint mapping – this is one guide you’ll want to refer to time and time again. Download it here.

The Youth Insights Report: Students, GDPR and Brands

This popular report was launched to better understand how students and youth audiences recognise GDPR and data protection, and their views on brands who treat their personal data ethically. The report provides student marketers with details, insights and recommendations in order to understand the extent students recognise the GDPR law, their thoughts on brands who fail to meet their obligations and the pitfalls brands should avoid if they don’t wish to turn off this savvy audience. Grab your copy of the full report here.

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